What is this?

Lonecomment consists of just one comment that someone paid to write. Replacing the current comment costs at least one penny more than the previous submitter paid. This cycle of outbidding the previous commenter to write a new comment continues forever.

Please read the about section for the motivation behind Lonecomment.

Seriously? Paying to leave a comment? top

Lonecomment isn't for everyday casual/funny posts. It's for times when you simply have to say something important to everyone without hoping to get lucky or waiting for others approve of it. Currently, there is no such outlet on the web. Here, comments have an inherent value equal to how important it was for the submitter to be heard.

A paid comment tells the reader it is important. Except in cases when a comment contains illegal content, a lonecomment will stay up indefinitely until being outbid.

Who would want to read a comment that someone paid to write? top

When someone pays to write a comment, it is probably because they need to be heard, and their opinion isn't popular enough to get visibility through regular channels. I believe there is enough curiosity to see what such people have to say.

How can I show my disapproval if I don't like the current comment? top

The only way you can interact with the site is by replacing the current comment with yours.

How can I find out if a new comment has been posted? top

Every time someone posts a new comment, a short preview is twittered at @lonecomment

Can I write an advertisement as my comment? top

Yes. This site is specifically made for unpopular ideas, and ads are definitely that. Outbidding a competitor's ad with your own is also highly encouraged.

Why can't the owner of lonecomment just replace a comment without paying? top

If the owner of lonecomment writes a comment directly in the database without paying for it, it is equivalent to stealing from yourself. The minimum bid price would increase artificially and prevent one real person from buying a comment at that price.

In the long term, manipulating prices and writing "free" comments would ultimately result in fewer legitimate comments, and that is definitely not the intention of the site's owner.

How can I add links to images or videos? top

If you want to add an image from imgur or a video from youtube along with your comment, click "my comment is text plus a video or image". Once you select imgur or youtube, you will see a space to write the identifier of your link. Just paste in the image or video id, which is the bolded part of these examples: http://imgur.com/XhIkbHj, or https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xcVwLrAavyA

If you did it right, you should see a small preview of your link in the box on the right.

At this time, imgur and youtube are the only media that works with lonecomment, but more might be coming later.

Can I add a link to a website in the lonecomment? top

If you want to add a link to your lonecomment, just write it out as text (e.g. google.com), and the users can copy/paste it in the browser.

This is partly done to reduce XSS attacks, and partly so that the user doesn't just click on a harmless looking link that actually takes them to http://reallybadsite.com

Do I need to log in to post a comment? top

There is no login here. When you're submitting a lonecomment, you just need to have a paypal account.

The comment itself will not have any reference to who paid for it, just how much it was purchased for.

Can I write anything at all? Will you remove any comments? top

Lonecomment does not moderate comments: you paid for it, so it will be displayed regardless if the site owner or anyone else disagrees with it.

However, the site owner reserves the right to remove comments that are libelous, defamatory, obscene, pornographic, abusive; include personal information; contain copyrighted uncredited material (please credit your sources if pasting someone else's work here); or are otherwise illegal. In this case, the previous comment will be restored, and a refund will be issued.

tldr: controversial is okay, illegal is not.

Lonecomment doesn't have formal TOS, but Imgur's and youtube's policies are great guides.

Who are you? top

I live near Boston and work as a quantitative analyst / economist. I had the idea for this site a few years ago when I posted something politically motivated on reddit only to have it downvoted immediately, which resulted in no one else reading my comment.