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This story is to only be used for benefiting Steve and well being in this life. It is from my point of view from what I have seen and heard and I am sure that it in no way describes the struggles that he faces each day. It describes a brief overview on his family and past. This story could be a hundred times longer if anyone else was with him through all of his tough times, but it only includes things that I know. I lived with mom off and on, but Steve was with her nearly all of the time. I have never heard anything from his point of view on what else he has been through. I am not sure he even knows about the early events in his life, but I feel its important in telling his story.

Mom. She had three children that she loved with all of her heart and devoted her life to. Two from her first marriage and Steve from his father. She was always extremely hard working, strong and supportive, even though she never really seemed to have much. She used to tell me when I was young that the only thing she wanted was to have a steady home to raise all of her babies in. Throughout my childhood she tried this over and over, but for some reason her home was always broken up for one reason or another. When she was in her right mind, she always made sure that her kids were loved and tried to give them anything they needed or wanted. Steve being the baby seemed to build an extra strong relationship with her.

My mother found out she was pregnant with Steve and did what she thought was right by marrying his father. They never really had a good relationship from the beginning, but he seemed to be supportive until his birth. Steve was born on Valentines Day! I remember him being a happy baby with loving eyes. Some point after he was born, his fathers attitude changed completely, he was always upset and angry for reasons I am not sure of. My mom was trying to keep the home warm, but he had different ideas making sure it wouldnt be that way. I vividly remember seeing her with two black eyes multiple times and she would insure us that it was nothing to worry about. On occasions when he would come home heated up about something she would try to rush us out of the house to stay with someone else for the night. Onetime I remember waking up during a commotion and walked into the living room where I saw her on the ground as he was kicking her in the head repeatedly with his pointed toed boot. She struggled a long time to get away from him and get a divorce and eventually was successful.

Steve was a young baby and kid throughout these times of his life. Im sure that he had no understanding of any of this because he was always happy and bubbly with a smile on his face. Not long after getting the divorce I noticed changes taking place in mom. She still worked very hard and tried to keep a steady home on her own, but slowly things were beginning to affect her mind. It was never verified, but after research I am going to blame all causes of her illness on the blows she took to the head. Steve was loved by all family members and I know that he loved to be around them. Moms illness eventually led her to shutting all contact off with her family insuring that her kids were not going to be around them. Everyone struggled with this and at the time no one could understand what had happened that caused her to do this.

Things spiraled out of control from here. I was always worried about mom because I knew something was wrong with her. As the oldest I tried to make sure that my siblings were happy and in no way were scared like I was. Steve always seemed happy during these times and Im sure that he just didnt know that things werent as they should be. Mom had got us a nice apartment that we were living in and for a short period of time things did seem to be going right. One Friday though, she came up to me out of the blue and asked if I would commit suicide with her by drinking a glass of bleach. She rambled on about ideas that made no sense at all. I was scared, but eventually talked her out of it and things seemed to be okay. I reluctantly left Steve at the apartment that weekend to go stay at my dads house with my sister. I have no idea what Steve saw, but he was too small to know to do anything. For some reason moms illness caused her to cut herself on her arms multiple times causing a mess with blood everywhere. He was physically okay from this incident, but its a picture in his mind he has to live with.

Our home was torn apart again and I rarely saw Steve for this period of time. Mom was eventually diagnosed with massive depression and schizophrenia. It was somewhat of a relief knowing that there were doctors out there that could help her and knew that she was sick.

Sometime before the apartment incident mom had begun building up a relationship with her boss at the time. This man came to love us as much as she did and stopped her illness from killing her many, many times. He loved her no matter what the circumstances ever were. He took care of her and us and eventually was our step dad.

A few years later the doctors were eventually able to get mom stable and we were all under one house again. Things were better than they had been in a long time! One day the doctors decided that they should change up the medication that they were giving mom to keep her well. This had an extremely bad effect on her and caused her illness to take full control of her. One day it got ahold of her and she tied Steve up with duct tape so that he was unable to move. She had a plan to kill him and her in the back yard. Luckily our step dad showed up just in time and was able to save them both. She was placed in treatment again for an extended period of time after this.

A few more years later mom was awesome once again, doing mom things she was the best she had been since before her last marriage. Her mental illness had nearly disappeared and things were steady for the rest of her life. She did however develop an unknown disease that affected her nervous system keeping her from being able to do much without causing her pain. Steve eventually started high school and got his drivers license. He was a good driver and she would have him take her places because it hurt her too much to drive herself. One morning mom was going to have Steve take her to the doctor for a scheduled appointment. They loaded up in her car and were headed down the highway to the hospital. A truck pulled out in front of Steve so he swerved to miss it avoiding a collision. He tried avoiding that incident, but another truck was coming from the opposite direction which he hit head on. Steve was conscious after the incident, screaming moms name out, unable to move from shock. A nurse pulled in right afterwards sheltering him from having to view the mangled mess that mom passed away in. Steve was rushed to the hospital and after therapy was able to make a full physical recovery.

Steve as a person was strong and never really gave much concern the events that he was put through with mom. After this incident though, his mom was no longer there for him and he has been on a downhill slide ever since. He never did anything bad or wrong in.

I wrote this story years back to describe my brother and his struggles with our schizophrenic mom. He thought drugs were a solution after she died. He ended up in jail three times before he realized he could do better than he thought. Dont let your struggle overcome you. Why cant you be where you want to be?

I am a fan of this site. Im not sure how long ago the last post was posted. I hate to smear sand, i am going to repost it:

My father has Spinal Stinosis. He needs to have surgery, he could have had it 3 years ago, but he didn't. I have to help him do everything, and so does my mom. I'm trapped here, I need to get out of this house. He's so stubborn, he's ruining my life, just like he did when I was a child. I don't know what to do.

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My father has Spinal Stinosis. He needs to have surgery, he could have had it 3 years ago, but he didn't. I have to help him do everything, and so does my mom. I'm trapped here, I need to get out of this house. He's so stubborn, he's ruining my life, just like he did when I was a child. I don't know what to do.

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We live in a world where diversity is the only constant. 7+ billion people share this rock, and its all we have for now. It can be such a happy, wonderful place when we choose to love each other because of our difference, instead of choosing to hate. It doesn't matter if you are black, white, brown, or any other skin tone. It doesn't matter if you are gay or straight, man or woman; it doesn't matter where you are from or which god you worship, or if you worship at all. We are all thinking, feeling, living people, and we all are inherently worth far more than any hateful act can justify. We may be different in many ways, but we all have the capacity to love and be loved, so let's choose to love. Except Gary. Fuck that guy.

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